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There are various ways to get to Karlsmon. Depending on your available time or your other vacation plans you can choose between airplane, a ferry + car combi or a plain car travel. If you choose ferry + car it always makes sense to compare prices and required time for the ferry and the car drive. Travelling by train is possible but includes some challenges.



We're exactly here.

Not every map will bring you safely to Karlsmon. Karlsmon is not a village. It's an array of a few houses, that - so much we can say – exist here for over 200 years. The best way to find us is to use this link: 6ZA. Don't worry – the photos you will see displayed at Google Maps are not from Karlsmon!



What is the best airport to arrive?

Oslo Gardermoen is the best airport. Norwegian flys from pretty much every big city in Europe within 1.5 - 2 hours to Oslo for pretty reasonable prices. There you can rent a car or arrange a pick up with us. Then it'll take you 1 hour 40 minutes if you follow speed limitations. Driving is quite relaxed in Scandinavia and the route is actually quite stunning. If you choose this way, ask us for more details. Flying Stockholm is not recommended, it would take you around 5 hours by car to arrive at Karlsmon.



Oslo – If you're willing to spend some money.

The alternative to flying is the ferry. The priciest version is a ferry to Oslo. You enter the ferry at Copenhagen, Kiel or Frederikshavn. Usually it's an overnight journey with a cabin and if you want a decent dinner. In Oslo you get off board and again it will take you round about 2 hours to Karlsmon.



Gothenburg - slightly cheaper.

From Kiel (Germany) you can also take the ferry for an overnight trip and get off board in Gothenburg. From Gotheburg it will take you around 3 to 3.5 hours by car to arrive at Karlsmon. Around 1/3 of the route is autobahn, the rest is overland.



The standard route from the continent.

The classic route for most car travellers to Scandinavia starts somehow in Germany. The standard route goes from Rostock to the port of Trelleborg. All year long you can choose between Stenaline or TT-Line. With both ferries it usually takes you around 5-6 hours to cross the Baltic Sea. Depending on your preferences and the time you travel it could make sense to book an additional cabin. But with both, you can also save money and use the public seating areas for the time of the journey.

From April until October you can also use FRS Baltic. The smaller ferry needs just 2.5 hours and is only about 30% more expensive.

From Trellborg to Karlsmon is quite a trip. Depending on your speed it takes you around 6.5 hours by car (half the way autobahn, the other half overland). So keep in mind, that booking a ferry, that arrives in the early afternoon or later at Trelleborg will result in a night ride. It's possible - but you need to be willing to take that extra stress.



More expensive but faster?

Depending on your preferences and your travel route, you could also take a ferry to Gedser in Denmark or drive all the way up to Copenhagen and go from there by car crossing the Oresund bridge (fee). When you arrive in Malmö you still have 6 hours to drive to Karlsmon (same route as described above).



The greener way?

You can take the train to Gotheburg from various cities in Europe (Copenhagen, Berlin, Frankfurt, Brussel etc.). From there you have to take another train to Arvika which takes round about 4 hours. From Arvika we would have to pick you up by car for the last 50 km. Depending on your planning skills, this trip does not necessaryly has to become more expensive - but it will take you more time.

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