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Leisure and activities

Disconnect your mind. Reboot your soul.



No sightseeing. No fancy restaurants. No bars. No nightclubs. No shopping experiences. Just you and nature. Still plenty to do – or what about trying to do nothing at all? The choice is yours!

Leisure and activities

What we recommend.

Biking experience

Mountain or Gravel

Endless gravel roads or wild tracks through dense forests. Discover the beauty of the land. Bonus: You will rarely meet cars here.



Whether you're a pro or it's your first time around. Catching fish in one the uncounted lakes around here is almost a no brainer.


Running / Trailrunning

Running on gravel roads or explorring wild tracks. It's all there for you. Almost no cars around here make it even better.


Bodyweight training

Whether you have your own routine or you try a workout whith us. Enjoy epic scenery, perfect nature and the clean air around.


Stand-Up Paddling

Equipment not available yet, but if you bring your own, you wont be disappointed by the many options you have.


Yoga and Meditation

Silence is golden. So enjoy your golden hours here. You can do it on your own, or we're here to guide you.

Country Living


Chainsaw, axe and splitter. You will use it all and experience the whole process of making your own firewood.

Discover Nature

Outdoor Skills

It's not about survival, but we can teach you a few things here and there, that could be helpful one day.

Discover Nature


You can carry ours easy around and discover all the lakes here. All it takes is a few minutes of training and you will have fun.

Country Living

Bee Keeping

We'll show you how bee keeping actually works. We tell you some theory and you will have the chance to experience the bees live.

Discover Nature


What applies to bikes, applies also for hiking: Endless gravel roads or wild tracks through dense forests. Discover the beauty of the land.


Bow Shooting

It's not a sciences with us, we show you how to shoot a bow. It's sharpening your senses and makes fun too.