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Minimalism and the purity of living.

A brief retrospective first: What actually is a geodesic dome? It was around 1940 when US architect Richard Buckminster Fuller took his inspiration from a German engineer to apply modern day technological know-how to construct a new form of shelter, making them more comfortable, efficient and economically available to a greater number of people.

Fast forward to 2023. Welcome to your own geodesic dome experience in the pristine nature of Sweden. Situated on an elevated rock formation and surrounded by wild forest our dome offers you way more than just a shelter experience. Made in Germany and constructed from 166 powder coated steel struts this certifed structure represents highest engineering and production quality.


The other shelter

Why stay in our dome?

You love being in nature? You love the outdoors and you're open to adventurous experiences? But you also love a comfy and cozy bed at night – a bed that even offers you the chance to count a million stars? You will love our dome! It's like a multifunctional studio inside a tent with two huge windows. This is as close to outdoors as indoor can be.

With a floor space of 20sqm and a height of around 3m our dome offers enough room for 2 people to sleep in a real king size bed and storage for all your belongings. Find a cozy place to read, relax or simply enjoy the elevated view. Whatever the weather, you feel safe and protected here.



Inside and outside the dome.

Instead of just throwing a bunch of IKEA furniture in to the dome, we choose to design and build them all by ourself with the help of professionals for an optimum use of space, for flexibility, a multifunctional approach and the minimalistic design. Except the bed all furniture elements can be moved around by you and arranged to fit your needs.

The outside deck expands your dome experience with an additional 30 sqm outdoor space. There's plenty of room for your morning yoga routine, your bodyweight workout, your sunbathing sessions or any other activity you might have in mind including a peaceful and relaxing afternoon nap.


theory and practice

Is this glamping?

Like with many buzz words, most of them are designed to deliver a marketing message and should make things easier to explain. Even though our dome is actually more a tent, than a house, we rather avoid choosing categories. Staying here is a journey. A return to the basics. An experiment if you will so.

Your dome is not connected to the power grid. Your dome has no access to public water and sewage system (by the way there is none anyway here in our area). But we have all the amenities you basically need: Outdoor kitchen with gas stove, composting toilet and outdoor shower. You are in the middle of nowhere, a fantastic nowhere!


Facts and figures

What you'll get from us.

Eventhough you're right in nature, our dome is properly equipped to make your stay as comfortable as possible while still keeping a strong focus on having minimal impact on the surrounding nature and the wildlife.

The Construction

Find here facts and figures about the dome and it's construction.

  • + Total deck size 50sqm

  • + Dome total diameter 5m

  • + Dome total floor space 20sqm

  • + Dome total height 3m

  • + Powder coated steel struts frame

  • + Cover made of heavy 2mm PVC

  • + 2 panorama windows

  • + 1 door opening with zipper

  • + 2 side ventilation openings

  • + 1 top ventilation opening

  • + Additional plywood floor inside

  • + Made in Germany / Austria

  • + TÜV certified

The Equipment

All the inclusive amenities we'll provide for your stay.

  • + King size bed (1.80m x 2.00m)

  • + Bed sheets / pillows (extra warm)

  • + Towels

  • + 2 LED reading lights (Battery)

  • + Various storage options

  • + Outdoor kitchen with hot plate

  • + Basic cooking equipment

  • + Basic tableware

  • + Heatable outdoor shower

  • + Composting toilet

  • + Service and drinking water

  • + Biodegradable toiletries

  • + Dometic 35l cooling box

The + Equipment

What you can additionally book to enhance your dome experience.

  • + Bluetooth Speaker

  • + Canoe

  • + Work out equipment

  • + Various storage options


Being in nature

Experience is what you make of it.

We can provide you with nice photos and lovely descriptions but nothing beats reality. Not everyday is sunshine, not everything is easy going. Karlsmon is situated in the northern hemisphere right in the middle of nowhere. We're surrounded by forests and of course animals. Make sure you read our "up's and down's" to get a clear idea, of what you can expect from your dome experience and what expectations of wilderness may guide you wrong.

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The dome is brand new and available from June 2023. You can book your stay manually by sending us an E-Mail. You can also book via Airbnb by clicking the button below.