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Disconnect your mind. Reboot your Soul.

Experience pure being.

Solitude or loneliness?

Just you and yourself.

Halo of timelessness.

Unplug the everyday.

Reconnect with your innerself.



Welcome to Karlsmon Sweden. 20 hectar of almost untouched scandinavian nature for your outdoor experience or your weekend hideaway. Stay in our geodesic dome or book one of our cabins available in the near future. It's time to slow down. Disconnect your mind and reboot your soul.


Solitude or loneliness?

Halo of true timelessness

Being surrounded by an almost endless forest scenery and a literally uncountable number of lakes, here in one of the last remaining parts of the northern wilderness, you'll find the perfect setting to create a halo of true timelessness around places and experiences.

Experience a truly unique place

20 hectar of remoteness where anything is possible and nothing is necessary. A place where you can experience sublime nature, enjoy the outdoors, make art, enjoy food or simply slow life down. Start writing a new chapter of your life - the stories are all around.

Enough distance to reconnect

As far away as needed from the hustle and bustle of urban city living but as close as possible to be reached within around just four hours from every big city in Europe. This is your place to disconnect from the larger world and to reconnect with your inner self.

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Welcome to

The dome is brand new and available from June 2023. You can book your stay manually by sending us an E-Mail. You can also book via Airbnb by clicking the button below.

our journal

What's going on?

Karlsmon -

June 9, 2023

High summer temperatures in May and June. We're getting ready for the first guests.

Karlsmon -

May 22, 2023

We expanded the deck. Now there is a decent sized kitchen island available.

Karlsmon -

April 8, 2023

Winter is finally leaving. Spring quite late this year. Enjoying every bit of sunshine.

Karlsmon -

December 22, 2022

The first winter for the dome. Structure is tough – standing wind, snow and -18°.

Karlsmon -

October 19, 2022

All work is done. Preparation for hibernation in full effect. See you in summer 2023.

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