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We can provide you with nice photos and lovely descriptions but nothing beats reality. Karlsmon is situated in the northern hemisphere right in the middle of nowhere. We're surrounded by forests and of course animals. Make sure you get a clear idea, of what you can expect from your dome experience and what expectations of wilderness may guide you wrong.



Is the dome insulated and can it be heated?

During summer time the dome has no heating system and no insulation. Basically the temperature in the dome is always higher than on the outside. But keep in mind temperatures out here are dropping at night more than you are used to experience from city living. We'll provide extra warm bedding and additional blankets so you can enjoy a healthy and cozy sleep at night.



Is there cooling available during summer time?

The dome has two huge windows facing east and west and is exposed to the sun. Therefore temperatures can climb up during sunny days. Ventilation openings (sides and top) help to lower temperature and enable a breezy air flow. Additional sun protection (removable covers) for the windows are available. Whatsoever the dome is not in AC mode.



What about mosquitos?

Contrary to popular belief the northern hemisphere is not a mosquito hell. But still this is open land and we do have mosquitos here at night. Therefore the typical Swede sits inside after sunset but we're far away from any serious threat.



And other insects?

We're in nature, so we do have various insects here. You will see butterflies, bees, wasps, hornets (rarely) and various other critters, all not dangerous or annoying at all. But three specific species can be a little pain in the ass from time to time. Number one is called "Knots" - very tiny and uncool – but since the dome is elevated, chances are lower, that you encounter them. They don't follow you into the dome and they are not present every season (we had none for example in 2022, 2020). Number two is the "golden eye horsefly". They love your sweat and can bite - bigger than the average housefly, you just slap them whenever one is close. Number three is the tick. The good news is, most of the tick populations in the northern hemisphere do not carry the FSME virus but you don't want them anyway. On hikes through dense forest or while crossing fields the best way to protect you is to wear long shorts stuck in your socks. If you arrive back to your dome after a walk, run a quick check up. If you captured one, we tell you how to get rid of it.

So all in all - it's not much difference from comparable places anywhere in Europe.



Can i lock the dome?

The dome cannot be locked. But that's no reason to be afraid. We live here now for over 5 years and never had any criminal activities in this area. If you don't want to take your credit cards or your passport with you on a hike, best is to lock them into your car.



What is summer time like in Sweden?

All over Scandinavia you hear people saying: "there is no bad weather, just bad clothes". Summers here can be hot too (even more than 30°C). But the overall climate situation is not as stable as on main land Europe. So expect more weather changes and even possibly slightly colder days. It's not untypical having a day starting with blue sky, to then having clouds and rain around mid day and golden sunny hours in the afternoon. But whatsoever this is neither close to Scotland nor to Iceland. Swedish summers are usually wonderful.



How much sunlight can i expect?

If you've never been to the north, this will be new to you. What we have here from around late May to early September can actually not be called a dark night. Expect the sunset here in summertime after 9pm to 10pm - and it actually only gets dark for a few hours here. Taking a walk without a flashlight at 11pm is no big deal here. You can cover the windows of the dome with a screen. If you are eager to stay up 'till midnight - you can easily count a million stars.



How does the outdoor shower work?

Our shower is a camping shower - not a wellness spa. You fill up the water, manually pump additional pressure to the tank and then you are ready to go. If you like your water hot - use the heating option with a 12V plug, that you can run from your car or the additional power station. Please only use the provided biodegradable soap.



What on earth is a composting toilet?

This will be probably the most surprising challenge for you. As we have no power access, underneath your toilet seat you will only find a bucket equipped with a biodegradable bag inside. After using the toilet you only spread a proper handful of sawdust and that's it. Paper goes into an extra bucket. We're using a more advanced version of this principle in our own house and it works actually easier than you would expect – it's just different than you know.



Can i park my car directly next to the dome?

Your dome is a standalone and it is situated almost in the woods. The main road (by road we mean the gravel path with roughly 5-8 cars a day) is only a 2 minute walk away. The last 20 meters to your dome is uphill as it is placed on a rocky formation. The next neighbouring holiday home is at a hundred meter distance downhill. So - no, you can't park your car right next to the dome. You can park your car just a few hundred meters away. It's safe there. If you have a 4x4 you can get you car closer to your dome.



Are there predators we need to watch out?

Actually not. There are no bears in this part of Sweden and wolves haven't been seen for decades. What do you may meet at Karlsmon? Just the average: deer, fox, squirrels, woodpeckers, moose or hares. We do have lynx - but chances, that you see one of those ghost cats are almost zero.



Is smoking allowed in the dome?

Smoking inside the dome is forbidden. If you smoke outside on the deck, we kindly remind you to not throw your fag ends away as they still could spark a fire and will not decay within the next 10 to 15 years.



How should i handle trash?

You decided to stay in nature, so it's obvious that you keep the dome and its surrounding as clean as you would like to experience it yourself. We'll provide the necessary trash storage. We sort the trash like in many other European countries.



Can we bring our kids with us?

The dome fits 2 adults perfectly. However if you bring your child, make sure you share your bed or bring an additional small mattress and sleeping bag with you.



What about a dog?

Dogs are allowed to stay in the dome upon request. We'll charge an additional cleaning fee. We recommend keeping them on a leash. The Swedish law tells you to keep your dogs leashed whenever you're in the woods.



Is there a fridge available?

There is no fridge available. So please keep this in mind, when you buy your groceries. We provide you with a cooling box, that you can store underneath the dome deck, where it is dry and cooler.



Where is the next supermarket?

The next basic supermarket is a 15 minutes car drive away. If you prefer more choices you will find 2 malls. One north (40 minutes) and one south (30 minutes). We recommend buying all your need on your way to us before arriving. This way you save more time for relaxation or activities.



What do we do in an emergency?

If you get sick, you have to drive 30 minutes to the next "Vardscentral" which is basically a huge doctors practice for all average health issues. The next ER is 45 minutes away. Depending on the issue and the status quo of the situation, you either go to the ER or wait for the paramedics to arrive (in urgent cases paramedics can arrive via helicopter)



What about water?

We'll provide you with fresh water, that you can use for cooking. For dish cleaning or showering we recommend using the stored rainwater or the water from the nearby lake (50m away). But keep in mind this is an outdoor experience, so your water usage should be adapted to the situation.



Is there Internet available?

The dome does not provide internet access, but roaming with your smartphone should work quite okay due to its elevated position. If not and your life depends on uploading your next Instagram-Post, we're more than happy to have you come to our house.



Is the dome off - grid?

The dome works off-grid so you could enjoy your stay without a powerline available. We decided to provide a power access that can be used for cooking or charging your phone. The power access is not meant to use it for AC or heating appliances.


Facts and figures

What you'll get from us.

Eventhough you're right in nature, our dome is properly equipped to make your stay as comfortable as possible while still keeping a strong focus on having minimal impact on the surrounding nature and the wildlife.

The Construction

Find here facts and figures about the dome and it's construction.

  • + Total deck size 50sqm

  • + Dome total diameter 5m

  • + Dome total floor space 20sqm

  • + Dome total height 3m

  • + Powder coated steel struts frame

  • + Cover made of heavy 2mm PVC

  • + 2 panorama windows

  • + 1 door opening with zipper

  • + 2 side ventilation openings

  • + 1 top ventilation opening

  • + Additional plywood floor inside

  • + Made in Germany / Austria

  • + TÜV certified

The Equipment

All the inclusive amenities we'll provide for your stay.

  • + King size bed (1.80m x 2.00m)

  • + Bed sheets / pillows (extra warm)

  • + Towels

  • + 2 LED reading lights (Battery)

  • + Various storage options

  • + Outdoor electric hot plate

  • + Basic cooking equipment

  • + Basic tableware

  • + Heatable outdoor shower

  • + Composting toilet

  • + Service and drinking water

  • + Biodegradable toiletries

  • + Dometic 35l cooling box

The + Equipment

What you can additionally book to enhance your dome experience.

  • + MP3 speaker

  • + Canoe

  • + Work out equipment

  • + Various storage options

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