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Disconnect your mind. Reboot your soul.



Restlessness, disquiet and immediacy are the dominating drivers of our daily lives.

No matter what lifestyle we have chosen, the constant struggle of acquiring things, getting reputation and finding recognition is what’s pumping life through our veins at a cost. The more we migrate towards a technical and digitally connected world, the more accelerating the pace becomes, leaving many of us with questions on how personal well being, health and contentment in life can be found.









Concealed by growth and progression narratives for over centuries

with the dawn of the new century we’ve come to rediscover the importance of balancing our mind, treating our body meaningful and finding moments of true contemplation for our soul to essentially become whole. Whatever is needed to proceed and to reach the goals we set may be due to highly individual preferences and circumstances, but it all starts with finding ones place of serenity, solitude and calm.







Being surrounded by an almost endless forest scenery and a literally uncountable number of lakes

you will find the perfect setting to create a halo of true timelessness around places and experiences. Karlsmon is a 20 ha remote piece of land where anything is possible. A truly unique place, nested with shelters built by hand by ourself, where you can experience sublime nature, enjoy the outdoors, make art, enjoy food or simply slow life down. As far away as needed from the hustle and bustle of urban city living but as close as possible to be reached within around just four hours from every big city in Europe.









Here in one of the last remaining parts of the northern wilderness,

you’ll find truly inspiring design-led and self-catering escapes in the Swedish countryside. This is your place to disconnect from the larger world and to reconnect with your inner self. Start writing a new chapter of your life - the stories are around. Welcome to Karlsmon! Disconnect your mind. Reboot your soul.